Investment Criteria

Key Business Characteristics:

  • Understandable businesses serving the basic needs of society;
  • Stable or growing businesses;
  • Proven operating management willing to stay long-term while participating in ownership;
  • Profitable businesses, not turnarounds, performing to an established operating plan, and
  • Strategically well positioned businesses relative to their competition, technology,
    and product/service consumption trends

Investment Types: Common or Preferred investments for Acquisitions, Recapitalization, or Growth

Size: A minimum of $1.5 million in Free Cash Flow (EBITDA less Sustaining CAPEX) to a maximum of $10 million.

Transaction Types: Management buy-outs, leveraged recapitalizations, growth financings, add-on acquisitions or liquidity to buy out partners

Geography: U.S. based companies including their foreign subsidiaries

Minority Interests: We will invest in non-control positions

What We Generally Don't Do: Start-ups, Companies with Negative Cash Flow, Venture Rounds or Real Estate DevelopmentĀ